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The Gingin Science Festival is a week-long celebration of science ! 

2016 is the centenary year of the prediction of black holes and gravitational waves by Schwarzchild and Einstein. To celebrate the Gingin Science Festival 2016 will include an exhibition at the Gravity Discovery Centre & Observatory and a presentation. 


This year is the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s ground breaking Theory of General Relativity concerning gravity and light. Since this theory was finally proved beyond doubt here in Western Australia back in 1922, and the world renowned Gravity Precinct is located here in the Shire of Gingin, what better place to celebrate the role of science in our lives than right here in Gingin? 

The Gingin Science Festival will take place from Saturday 13th August 2016 – Saturday 21st August 2016. 

Whats on?

The Gingin Science Festival is a regional science festival in Australia.


Included in the exhibitions on offer during the Festival are the ‘Black Hole & Gravitational Wave’ Exhibition, which gives more insight into Einsteins theory of relativity and the recent revolutionary discovery. Located at the Gravity Discovery Centre. 

The GDC Observatory will also host a Gravitational Wave Astronomy exhibition and viewing session on Saturday 20th August from 7.30 pm (bookings essential please visit the GDC website or email

A presentation, Q&A session will be held at Granville Hall in Gingin on 16th August. 

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